Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


When new components find their way into the home PC, this usually goes hand in hand with an increase in power consumption. This also thought SeaSonic and is sending two models from its current power supply series for our competition.

Seasonic S12II-500

First of all, the SeaSonic S12 II should be mentioned, which was made available to us in the 500 watt version. Its most important features include a particularly high stability of a maximum of three percent deviation on the two 12V lines, an efficient fan control and a smooth-running 120mm fan, which is attached with soft rubber pads to reduce the volume again. In addition, the power supply offers an active power factor correction (PFC) and an efficiency that does not fall below the threshold of 80 percent.

The second SeaSonic power supply belongs to the M12 series and can also boast a power output of 500 watts. In addition, thanks to its cable management, it ensures order in the computer, since only the cables that are actually needed have to be connected.

Seasonic M12-500

Two PCI-Express connections ensure that even SLI or CrossFire systems do not have to use adapters, while four 12-volt lines ensure the necessary stability. The power supply unit is ventilated by a rubber-padded 120mm fan, which in the case of the M12 has additional support from a quiet 60mm fan, without negatively affecting the smooth running of the power supply unit. Last but not least, the M12 also bears the '80+' award, which is only given to power supplies whose efficiency is generally over 80 percent.

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