Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Scythe would also like to attend this year's competition with a selection of the current product range. The future winners can count on one of ten of thefamous 120 mm Scythe S-Flex D retail fan with 800 rpm. With their unrivaled smoothness, the fans are ideal for use in quiet PCs as a case or CPU cooler fan.

Scythe S-Flex Silent Fan

Furthermore, the cooling specialist provides two Mugen Processor coolers free the successful long-running manufacturer of the manufacturer for profit. The Mugen has been one of the top coolers on the market for some time and harmonizes wonderfully with strong or weaker ventilation, as our test report underlines.

Scythe Mugen

Scythe has designed the Ninja Mini for users of compact computers who do not want to compromise on performance in their cooling projects. The little brother of the successful ninja ( test report Ninja Cu ) already comes up with the current quality features of the manufacturer and can be operated with either 80 or 92 mm fans. In terms of performance and compatibility, the Ninja Mini is superior to many competitors. With the support of Scythe we are giving away two of these compact tower coolers.

Scythe Ninja Mini

Scythe delights us with two models of the interesting Kama-Connect 2 . The inconspicuous module serves as a convenient interface for any drives (hard drives/optical drives) between USB 2.0 and SATA or IDE connections, with 2.5 'or 3.5' drives being connected via plug and play. Also thedual mode, i.e. the simultaneous operation of SATA and IDE drives on the Kama-Connect 2 is possible.

Scythe4Scythe Kama-Connect 2
Company Question D6 What is the name of the successful CPU passive cooler Series before Ninja and Mugen, with which Scythe made a name for itself in the retail market?

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