Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


After cooling specialist Noctua Already participated extensively in our competition last year, they do toothis year no half measures and provides a total of 20 kits consisting of the new NF-P12-Lüfte r and the new NT-H1 thermal compound .

The NF-P12 is a fan with a novel blade design, developed in cooperation with the Austrian Institute for Heat Transfer and Fan Technology (ÖIWV). It is a high-impedance fan that was specially developed for high-impedance applications such as CPU coolers, water cooling radiators and housings with narrow fan grilles, as it is characterized by high static pressure and can therefore also deal with flow resistance. It has psychoacoustic optimizations through which the fan is perceived as less annoying by the human hearing.

Noctua NF-P12 with accessories

With its nine wide, closely spaced fan blades, the NF-P12 achieves a water column at 1,300 rpm and with a static pressure of 1.62 mm Conveying capacity of an impressive 92.3 m³/h. Nevertheless, the NF-P12 is surprisingly quiet thanks to psycho-acoustic optimization measures: The vortex control notches on the rear edge of the blade allow the currents from the suction and pressure side to be more continuously combined and distribute the noise emission over a broader frequency spectrum. In this way the running noise of the NF-P12 is perceived as less disturbing. Like the NF-S12, the NF-P12 is also equipped with Noctua's tried and tested self-stabilizing oil pressure plain bearing (SSO bearing), which guarantees maximum long-term stability and extremely smooth running. In addition, the running smoothness of the NF-P12 is increased by the new Smooth Commutation Drive system, which enables a smoother transition between the stator armatures. The NF-P12 has an MTBF of over 150,000 hours as well as fullsix years manufacturer warranty. With the included Low-Noise (L.N.A.) and Ultra-Low-Noise (U.L.N.A.) adapter, the speed of the fan can be reduced to 1100 or 900 RPM. Noctua also supplies four rubber vibration compensators and four fan screws, as well as a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter, which enables a direct power supply via the power supply.

The NT-H1 thermal paste is a new premium thermal paste for enthusiasts who do not want to forego excellent performance or maximum ease of use. The NT-H1 consists of a hybrid configuration of different micro-particles, which enables minimal thermal resistance, easy handling and excellent long-term stability. The paste is not only extremely powerful, but also practical to use, as it does not have to be spread on the heat spreader. A drop in the middle of the CPU, put on the cooler - done! In addition, the NT-H1 offers top performance right from the start and does not require a longer “burn-in” time. If a drop should go wrong, that's no problem either: The NT-H1 is not electrically conductive and fully compatible with all materials commonly used in the PC sector.

Noctua NT-H1 thermal compound

The NT-H1 is not aimed exclusively at enthusiasts. It is also characterized by high long-term stability. By dispensing with solvents or other substances with a low boiling point, it can be used for several years thanks to good so-called curing, bleeding, dry-out and thermal cycling characteristics. The NT-H1 is not only suitable for air and water cooling, but can also be used with compressor coolers: the paste remains full even at the lowest temperaturespowerful and easy to remove.

Company Question D4 How many years is the maximum recommended service life of the NT-H1 on the CPU?

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