Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Three times the ski game Freak Out - Extreme Freeride for the PC is provided by the publisher JoWooD available. Performed in open terrain and without ruleswhere one jumps over deep chasms, choreographies in dangerous avalanche slopes or slalom between the trees. The game includes four mountains in different landscapes, with each mountain offering race and freestyle competitions as well as 'special events' to win additional points and special prizes. There are also 16 different jumps and over 30 different update options for one of the six possible drivers.

Freak Out

Also three times there is Flyboys Squadron , the official game for the film. The flight-action MMOG offers more than ten authentic airplanes, 12 single-player missions based on the movie, bonus 'Easter Egg' missions and, free for the first month, dynamic online missions. Different rewards with rank and medal system, regular updates and online events as well as a free Teamspeak server should be captivating for a long time.


Three more versions included You can win a solution book and a sketchbook from Sam & Max - Season One . In the roles of Sam, a 180 cm tall police dog with an urge for justice, who loves and adores the law, and Max, a little mean rabbit who lives according to the motto: 'First hit, then think', the freelance police duo work, the world must be saved from a dangerous conspiracy. The game comprises six complete cases, connected by a continuous storyline, thousands of insane dialogues, extremely simple game controls, an entertaining jazz soundtrack with over three hours of original music, as well as an intuitive and simple oneOperation that should let casual gamers get into the action immediately.

Sam & Max - Season One
Company Question C5 For which mobile console is Freak Out –Extreme Freeride also available?

Koch Media

At World of Soccer Online, players from all over German-speaking Europe compete against thousands of real opponents with specially created teams within a huge online soccer community . The game offers a novel combination of free 3D online soccer game and classic trading cards. Players can upgrade their teams by purchasing cards and, by combining different cards, get footballers with outstanding skills that decide whether they win or lose.

Koch Media donates five Starter decks , each containing a version of the game on CD and three booster packs with six trading cards each. There are also shorts with the 'World of Soccer' logo.

World of Soccer Starterdeck
World of Soccer Shorts
Company Question C6 What is the name of the publisher of World of Soccer?

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