Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


From GeCube there is a HD2600XT X2 Gemini 3 equipped with two RV630XT chips, the works with internal CrossFire. Everyone with a clock of 800Chips operating at MHz are each connected via a 128-bit wide memory interface with 512 MB of GDDR2 memory (i.e. 1 GB in total) that clocks at 500 MHz. Despite the second GPU, you don't have to worry about a higher probability of failure. Thanks to 'Auto Pilot Safe Protection', the second GPU will continue to do its job even if the other has a defect.

GeCube Radeon HD 2600 XT Gemini
Company Question C3 How many displays can the GeCube HD2600XT X2 Gemini 3 be controlled in parallel?


graphics card manufacturer HIS is sponsoring a factory overclocked HIS Radeon HD 2600 Pro IceQ Turbo with 512 MB GDDR2 memory ( ComputerBase test ). To cool the card, HIS relies on the tried and tested IceQ cooler. The RV630 GPU clocks at 650 MHz, while the graphics memory works at 1,050 MHz.

HIS Radeon HD 2600 Pro IceQ
Company Question C4 What does the acronym 'HIS' stand for?

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