Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Micron is also represented in our competition through its Crucial brand, founded in 1996. Crucial brand memories are very popular around the world, so it is no wonderthat we are also giving away a memory kit.

Crucial DDR2-667 2 GB Kit SO-DIMM

However, it is not about working memory for the home desktop PC, but about SODIMMs for use in notebooks. The kit with the somewhat cryptic name CT2KIT12864AC667 consists of two one gigabyte DDR2 modules of the type PC5300 and is specified by Crucial as CL5. The standard voltage of the RAM is 1.8 V.

Company Question B3 Under which label does Crucial sell its high-end memory?


Microsoft's Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 comes with a transceiver that is a 1 GB USB flash memory and charging station at the same time: the receiver and mouse are connected and charged via a magnetic connector so that you don't have to interrupt your work. The supplied battery lasts more than three weeks when fully charged. The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 lets the buyer decide which technology he would like to use: 2.4 GHz wireless or Bluetooth. The wireless mode can be selected using a switch on the underside of the mouse; the receiver is superfluous with Bluetooth. In addition to the usual two main buttons, the Microsoft mouse has two side buttons for the magnifying glass and the back function as well as a four-way scroll wheel, the scanning rate of the laser is 1,000 dpi.

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

Halo fans can use three Halo 3 fan packages consisting of T-shirt, shoulder bag,Notepad and a wall sticker of the master boss (140cm tall).

Halo 3 T-Shirt
Halo 3 pocket
Halo 3 notepad
Halo 3 Wall Sticker

After all, there are 15 versions of Microsoft's online role-playing game for gamers Win Shadowrun for the PC. The Pen & Paper-based Shadowrun is the first pure online action game that runs across platforms on Xbox 360 and Windows Vista. On the side of the multinational corporations or the righteous independence movement, up to 16 players fight for glory and honor with modern weapons and magic at the same time. The mix of fantasy and high-tech offers varied locations, countless character classes and various gadgets such as x-ray glasses or hologram projectors. The winners must be of legal age (see rules)!

Shadowrun for the PC
Company Question B4 How much free hard disk space do the system requirements of the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 on Windows PCs require?

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