Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Emsi Software has ten two-year licenses for the a-squared Anti -Malware package . The security software provides effective protectionDialers, viruses, keyloggers, spyware and other misdeeds of the current Internet world and shines with user-friendly operation, daily updates and a handsome interface. In contrast to other anti-malware programs, Emsis Software is not only supposed to detect malicious programs on the basis of the signatures provided by the manufacturer, but also to investigate the behavior of suspicious software and intervene if necessary.

A-Squared Anti-Malware

So a lot of protection for good money - in total the licenses are worth around 400 euros. However, the ten lucky winners can use a-squared Anti-Malware for two years free of charge.

Company Question A4 When did Emsi Software GmbH founded?


Nintendo is also participating in the Santa Claus raffle this year and provided one of many long-awaited titles for the Nintendo DS: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass . The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is the first Zelda for the portable Nintendo DS game console and not only uses the Nintendo DS-specific dual screen, but also actively involves the microphone in the game. This time the hero Link ends up on a mysterious ghost ship. Fortunately, his fans can assist him in this adventure in a completely new way, because the Nintendo DS touchscreen enables them to be intuitively controlled: one powerful swing with the stylus and Link swings his sword; a circular motion and he performs a powerful vortex attack. You only have to tap individual characters to make them speak. As an alternative to thatFantastic adventures on solo paths can be measured against a friend in multiplayer mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or wireless data transfer: One player controls the hero Link while the other slips into the role of the respective opponent.

Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS

The story , a few months after the end of 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker', begins on the high seas: Link, Tetra and their band of pirates are drifting into a bank of fog in the middle of the ocean, where they come across a mysterious ghost ship. Tetra is in danger while exploring the ship, and Link goes overboard when trying to help her. He only comes to again on the beach of an unknown island. On his own he goes in search of Tetra. But time is running out. A magical hourglass plays an important role in giving him the time he needs to search. Link roams dark labyrinths, unknown seas and wild landscapes full of obstacles and dangers. He has several fairies at his side - and of course the Nintendo DS player, who guides him and helps him to solve numerous tricky tasks and to crack puzzles. In order for newcomers to the world of Zelda to keep track of things, the game is preceded by a short introduction that provides important explanations.

While the action is taking place on the touchscreen, the upper screen shows a map that the player can use can always consult. It can also be opened on the touchscreen so that the player can take important notes with the stylus. The stylus is also extremely useful as a navigation instrument on the high seas. The player can map out the route of the ship with him so that he has his hands free,if he unexpectedly gets into a sea battle.

Company Question A5 What is the name of the old man who always helps Link in the course of his adventure?

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