Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times


Caseking , a Online shop specializing in housings and cooling for PC systems, is participating this year by farlargest amount of prizes at the ComputerBase-Nikolaus competition. Logically, the lion's share of what there is to gain here comes from the housing and cooling area. The prices in detail:

Cooler Master Cosmos

Already known from our review is the Cooler Master Cosmos , a large tower that is externally and also internally differs quite clearly from other cases. A premium case with a premium price - you can now win a copy.

Cooler Master RC-690-KKN1-GP - black

Smaller, lighter, but still with enough space for high-end hardware comes the Cooler Master RC-690-KKN1-GP in black therefore. Two of these are available.

NZXT LeXa Blueline Edition

The NZXT LeXa Blueline Edition , which comes in black with blue accents

, is definitely an eye-catcher
NZXT Alpha Case ALP-001

For those who prefer it angular mag is certainly well served with the Alpha ALP-001 from the same company.

NZXT Rogue Super Cube

The third case from NZXT is the Rogue Super Cube in 'dark red'. As a representative of the Cube class, this case is made foranyone who regularly transports their PC, for example to a LAN party. Accordingly, a carrying strap is also included as a special.

AXP Midi-Tower 791S

The Midi-Tower 791S comes from the relatively unknown company AXP, which impresses with its simple design and generous amount of space.


Also from AXP comes the Flip-Up-LCD Multi-Panel , an LCD display that is disguised as an optical drive and appears at the push of a button . This device can be used to regulate up to three fans and monitor temperatures. Furthermore, an eSATA and USB 2.0 connection and a card reader are integrated.

AXP Supernova - 600 watt power supply

The AXP Supernova power supply with 600 watt Power should also be able to supply the most power-hungry high-end machines with sufficient electrical energy and, in addition to pure power, also offers cable management as an extra. As with the other two AXP products, we are giving away two copies.

Xigmatek HDT -S1283

The cooler manufacturer Xigmatek, which was still almost unknown a few months ago, has five of the 120 m tower cooler HDT-S1283 represented in the competition. This cooler also knew how to convince in our review and is still the reference in this segment today.

Cooler Master RR-CCH-LB22-GP Hyper 212

In addition to stylish cases from Cooler Master we also have coolers from the same company in our range. One of them is the tower cooler with the cryptic name RR-CCH-LB22-GP Hyper 212 . Three copies are now looking for new owners among loyal ComputerBase readers.

Cooler Master RR-CCH -P922-GP Vortex 752

The Cooler Master RR is not in the usual tower design, but rather classically designed and therefore much lighter -CCH-P922-GP Vortex 752 . Here, too, three pieces will mingle with our readers.


The NZXT Sentry 1 LCD display is fan control, temperature display, date and time display and of course an eye-catcher all in one a win for every PC.

Gamerswear Slickride Pad - Counter

For gamers who value the highest precision, a good mouse pad is a must - like the Gamerswear Slickride Pad with 'Counter' motif , which not only cuts a good figure on the tables of enthusiastic Counter-Strike players.

Gamerswear Sweater Counter navy ( L)

Gamers can also show their obsession to the outside world - for example with this Navy blue sweater in size L , to match the mouse pad with a large'Counter' motif. We want to give five readers a mouse pad or a sweater each.

Company Question A2 From which city does Caseking ship its products?

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