Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Nikolaus competition 2007: darn socks 259 times

Prize pool A

In order to participate in the draw in prize pool A, all questions (A1-A10) of the prize pool must be answered correctly and the Reply in an email withthe following information will be sent to us.

Submit answers to prize pool A
How it's done Email to: The competition is over! Subject prize pool A Please pay attention to the subject as well as the account name, over/under 18 and all answers from A1-A10!


The Taiwanese storage expert A-Data is sending nine prizes for our competition. It starts with the PD17 , a USB stick from A-Data's 'Nobility' series, which draws attention above all with its eye-catching design. With a weight of only five grams and its small dimensions, it could easily pass as a necklace pendant.

A-Data PD17

The PD17 has a slide-in -Mechanism in which the USB plug is simply pushed into the housing when the stick is not in use. This eliminates the otherwise mandatory USB cap - and accidentally losing it. Additional features include support for USB 2.0 and Windows ReadyBoost as well as compatibility with all Microsoft operating systems from Windows 98, Mac OS from version 9.0 and Linux from Kernel 2.4. Three of these USB sticks with a capacity of one gigabyte each, equipped by A-Data with a lifetime guarantee, will be raffled off among all correct senders.

Also from A-Data, but for the 'Classic' - Part of the series is the PD18 , which, in contrast to the PD17, does not have a slide-in mechanism. There is a reason for this, however, as the actual USB stick is hardly larger than the pure USB plug.

A-Data PD18

The protective cap for the PD18 is made of aluminum and can be used when using the mobile storage device on the included cap holder, a small rubber tag, which should make it difficult to accidentally lose it. Like the PD17, the PD18 also offers support for USB 2.0 and is 'Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost'. The operating system compatibility is also identical to that of the PD17. A-Data was able to provide us with three of these small mobile storage devices, each with a capacity of one gigabyte.

Last but not least, A-Data also thinks of the performance-hungry gamers and computer enthusiasts who value speed the main memory in your own system is no longer sufficient. The answer to this problem should be the DDR2 1066+ modules from A-Data's 'Extreme Edition' LineUp.

A-Data Extreme Edition DDR2 1066+ 2 GB Kit

With timings of 5 -5-5-15-2T at a voltage of 2.2 - 2.3 V, the 'Vitesta' modules should meet the requirements of gamers and enthusiasts alike. For this purpose, the A-Data memories are tested in extensive burn-in and dual-channel tests to ensure the greatest possible stability and performance. Three dual-channel kits of this high-end memory, each with a capacity of two gigabytes, find their way into our competition - and if the questions are answered correctly, they will be owned by three participants.

Company question A1 What storage capacities does the PD18 have?

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