nForce soon also without graphics

nForce soon also without graphics

nVidia's first mainboard chipset, the nForce, will soon be available in a version without integrated graphics. Except for the missing GeForce 2 MX, the 'nForce 415' will be in no way inferior to its chip counterparts.

nVidia seems to want to secure the many potential buyers who like the currently almost unbeaten memory performance of the nForce, but do not want to use an inferior MX card. These customers should then also be satisfied for a significantly lower price. Asus and Leadtek already have finished boards up their sleeves with the A7N266-C and the K7N415.


As nVidia has now officially announced, the chipset is named 'nForce 415-D' carry and is already in mass production. The first boards are expected for the end of January.