nForce/nForce2 driver package: Version 2.0 available

nForce/nForce2 driver package: Version 2.0 available

For the first time, nVidia presents a uniform driver package for nForce and nForce2 chipset. In version 2.0 some bugs have been fixed. In addition, all drivers contain the WHQL certificate from Windows Hardware Quality Labs. The 26MB package should make every nForce owner happy.

The driver package contains:

  • Audio driver 3.06 WHQL.
  • Audio utilities 3.07 .
  • Network driver 2.81 WHQL.
  • GART driver 2.78 WHQL.
  • SMBus driver 2.75 WHQL.
  • Memory controller driver 2.75 WHQL.
  • Display Drivers 40.72 WHQL

Newly added/improved:

  • First full unified package for nForce and nForce2.
  • Full localizations for all languages.
  • Fixes audio DirectX BSOD issue on Windows 2000 systems.
  • Adds ASIO driver support.
  • Adds OpenAL driver support .
  • Updated nForce Audio control panel.
  • Incorporates performance improvements and other bug fixes.


  • The audio drivers do not apply to the products: ASUS A7N8X and Chaintech 7NJS, as a separate sound chip is used there. The manufacturer-specific drivers must be used.
  • USB keyboard and mouse are deactivated during the driver installation. It is recommended to carry out the installation with PS2 devices.