News from the GeForce 4

News from the GeForce 4

After we mentioned February 5th as the date for the official presentation of the next Nvidia graphics processor last week, a picture of an invitation has now appeared confirming this date.

This invitation has been leaked to the online magazine 3D Chipset and although the magazine is holding back on rumors, it will Times even more data for the GeForce 4 (NV25) announced. The card is to be called GeForce 4 Ti600, in which both the GPU and the memory are clocked with 300 MHz. Since it is a DDR RAM, the clock rate is 600 MHz, hence the name Ti600. It is also said that the NV25 should have more pipelines, but further technical details are not yet known.

Another magazine ( DigiTimes ) from Taiwan now claims that graphics cards with the NV17 chipset, which is also expected for February 5th, should be available in February. The NV17 is also called GeForce 4 MX and should be the budget solution in contrast to the NV25 as a high-end solution.

News from GeForce 4