News from LG at CeBit

News from LG at CeBit

At this year's CeBIT, LG is presenting numerous innovations. The new multi-DVD burner is presented for the hotly contested DVD market, which, in addition to the common CD-R and CD-RW formats, also includes the DVD-RW, DVD-R and Can burn DVD-RAM.

This is made possible by a signal processor (Digital Signal Processor) developed by HLSD, the joint venture between Hitachi and LG in the drive sector, for the variable control of the laser. The device is called GMA-4020B and should be available in stores from May at a price of around 750 euros. In view of the performance, a very competitive price.

A new high-speed CD-RW recorder will also be presented that writes to CD-Rs at 40x and CD-RWs at 16x speed. Equipped with buffer underrun proof technology, the LG GCE-8400B also joins the ranks of 40-fold burners. Now that the devices are practically already on the shelf, the only thing missing is the corresponding blanks to really be able to use the power of the burner.

LG will also be able to offer numerous products when it comes to flat screens. For the first time, LG Electronics is showing a complete family of plasma display panels (PDP) in various sizes from 36 to 60 inches. There is a completely new series of TFT flat screens in the dynamic Albatross design with a narrow housing frame and elegant base. The prices for these new additions have not yet been determined.