News about Nvidia and SiS chipsets

News about Nvidia and SiS chipsets

Once again an unofficial roadmap has found its way into the internet, this time from Chaintech with information about the chipsets from Nvidia and SiS. Accordingly, AGP 8x, USB 2.0, IEEE1394, Serial-ATA and dual-channel DDR333 support will probably become the standard.

The features mentioned above will definitely be featured by the successor to the n415D/n420D from Nvidia, the introduction of the chipset, which is still mentioned here, Crush18, should take place this quarter. There will also be two versions of the Crush18, one with and one without an integrated graphics processor, and there is nothing to be seen of Pentium 4 chipsets from Nvidia.

The second roadmap shows the SiS chipsets for the Pentium 4, a total of five Northbridges and three Southbridges can be seen here. The chipsets 645DX, 648 and 651 all support the FSB of 533 MHz (133 MHz quad-pumped) as well as the MuTIOL533 bus, which accelerates the internal data exchange between the north and south bridges. USB 2.0, IEEE1394, ATA133 and DDR333 are also standard, the SiS648 with SiS963 Southbridge, which will be available from next month, will also support AGP 8x and dual-channel DDR333.

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