New Windows Messenger on October 25th

New Windows Messenger on October 25th

Along with the official Windows XP presentation on October 25, 2001 in New York, Microsoft will also release a first function update for the Windows Messenger contained therein for download. An update will also be released for MSN Messenger on this day.

The new Windows Messenger, which is version 4.5, will offer a further improved user interface and many new functions that have been added to the Program have been integrated. The most important innovation here is the ability to use Voice over IP (VoIP) to make phone calls over the Internet with any telephone. Callserve, dialpad or company Net2Phone are available as providers, which are then used for billing. Similar to prepaid cards, you will be able to purchase telephone contingents here, which you can then make calls. For example, Dailpad wants to charge a call from the USA to Europe at around 10 pfennigs per minute. This would of course be much cheaper than a classic phone. However, since e.g. Dailpad only acts as a provider in the USA, the question remains who will offer this service for German users of Windows Messenger, because I am sure that not everyone wants to turn a local call into a transatlantic call in this way . Because the voice would have to be sent in digital form to the provider Dailpad, which in turn would set up a telephone connection to Europe, which would not only be expensive but also slow due to the long distances in between

Another innovation in Windows Messenger 4.5 will be the ability to finally divide the contact list into different groups, as ICQ or AIM have long been able to do. However, the maximum size of the buddy list is still 150 contacts. Furthermore, the new Windows Messenger will be theMicrosoft services integrate MSN Calendar or .NET Alerts and of course new smilies will be waiting to be used.

Owners of the older MSN Messenger 3.6 will also be informed on October 25, 2001 when the program is started that a new program version is available. Whether the update will contain the grouping function of Windows Messenger 4.5 in addition to the VoIP technology has not yet been determined.

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