New Win XP drivers for K 7 and Pentium 3

New Win XP drivers for K 7 and Pentium 3

Microsoft has published new drivers for all processors with a K7 core and for all Pentium3 processors on their Windows update page. All processors in the Athlon family are based on the K7 core. The drivers are specially designed for WindowsXP.

It is not known what improvements the new drivers will bring with them. However, it should be expected that there should be no noticeable performance changes in the system, since Microsoft cannot have changed anything fundamentally in the drivers. It is more likely to be a matter of minor bug fixes. As always, you can find the download directly from us.


Ours Colleagues from Planet3DNow! have taken the trouble and tried to find out what has changed in the drivers. Although the driver should be designed for K7 processors, only the Palomino and Morgan core are supported. These would then only be the Athlon XP, Athlon MP and the current Duron.

In addition, the improvements are primarily limited to the mobile versions of the two processors. The power saving functions 'Speedstep' and 'PowerNow!' should now be better supported. For the desktop processors, which have the same core but do not have the power-saving function, the new drivers should therefore not bring any improvement. They can be installed anyway and disadvantages are not to be expected.