New virus floating around

New virus floating around

Another Trojan is hiding under the name Worme_Gone.A. The troublemaker smuggled in by e-mail gives 'Hi' as the subject of the message and the user is shown the following e-mail text.

How are you?

When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you I am in a harry, I promise you will love it!

The email is attached a file named 'Gone.scr'. Worme_Gone.A was probably written with MS Visual Basic. It spreads with MS Outlook and possibly ICQ. The virus sends itself as an email attachment to all addresses specified in the Outlook address book. In addition, the virus apparently uses a 'mIRC' chat program to install the Trojan. This is done via the configuration file 'remote.ini'.

At this point in time there are no virus definitions from the individual anti-virus software manufacturers. However, Trend Micro offers a ' bandage pattern ', which is supposed to protect against the virus.