New version of XP-Antispy

New version of XP-Antispy

XP-Antispy is designed to disable the numerous suspicious features of Windows XP that help Microsoft more than the user or none at all. Wherever an option to spy on the user is built in, this tool can intervene.

Chris Connell has now released a new version of his counterintelligence. The innovations amount to the following points.

  • Setting to deactivate a security hole in Internet Explorer 6 (affects WindowsXP without Service Pack 1).
  • The size of the help text window can now be varied , at the request of many users.
  • The program now comes with an installation routine, as many users also had problems using this tool.

If you still have Windows XP If you haven't come into contact with this application, you should take a look at the software, which is only 65KB in size.


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    Controversial Windows functions can be deactivated with xp-AntiSpy.

    • Version 3.98-2, Win 7 German
    • Version 3.98-3 Beta German