New version of Trillian available

New version of Trillian available

The instant messenger Trillian has developed into one of the most popular programs within a very short time. As an independent messenger, it supports five chat systems with MSN, ICQ, AIM, YIM and IRC that are used by millions of people worldwide.

The Trillian version 0.73 now available is a small one Update of the previous version, which should fix various connection problems and plug security holes. The new version also has an improved Yahoo engine.

In the meantime, a completely new and revised Trillian version is in beta testing, with many improvements and a new design will offer. However, there is no detailed information about this version yet.


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    3.6 stars

    Trillian is an advertising multi-protocol messenger for Windows, Linux and Mac.

    • Version 6.4 Build 3 German
    • Version 6.3 Build 1, Linux