New version of Trillian (2nd update)

New version of Trillian (2nd update)

Version 0.72 of Trillian, the multi-messenger tool that combines AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Yahoo Messenger under one surface, has been available since yesterday. As many bug fixes as possible have been made in the new version.

The most important new feature is an auto-update feature that is supposed to inform the user about new versions or updates. Otherwise there were many fixes of the reported bugs and some new features in the freeware tool, which you can read here . You can download the tool from us as usual.

(Update) Because of the problems logging in with the AOL Instant Messenger, there was a mini update that should fix these problems, it works for me now Flawless again.

(2nd update) After daily updates, version 0.722 is now available.


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    Trillian is an advertising multi-protocol messenger for Windows, Linux and Mac.

    • Version 6.4 Build 3 German
    • Version 6.3 Build 1, Linux