New version of GL Excess available

New version of GL Excess available

It's finally done and the OpenGL benchmark GL Excess is available for download in version 1.1a, which has been announced for some time. The new version offers small improvements in detail. However, little has changed in the actual benchmark process.

The new features include automatic Vysnc administration, a manual, a new installer and the ability to use command line commands. Multiple benchmarks using XSscript and an associated utility are now possible. Furthermore, as usual, some bugs were also fixed. You can download the new benchmark from us without a soundtrack. A complete version with soundtrack is not yet available. However, if you unpack the data.pk1 from GL Excess 1.0 into the folder of the new GL Excess 1.1a, you should be able to enjoy sound again. More information about GL Excess is available here.


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    GL Excess is an OpenGL benchmark that has very low requirements

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