New processor plans from Intel and AMD

New processor plans from Intel and AMD

The Comdex comes up with new highlights every day. AMD and Intel have now also given a little insight into their future plans. The 'Barton' will be revised again before its introduction and Intel's P4 can also endure some changes.

Intel: As we already reported, the next Intel chipset is coming (Springdale) with dual-channel 400MHz DDR-RAM support. In line with this, Intel is also announcing a new Pentium4 with 800MHz FSB (quad-pumped). The Northwood core (0.13 µm) is to be operated with the faster front side bus as early as mid-2003. At the end of 2003 a version of the Prescott (0.09µm) with 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache and Hyper-Threading II technology will be available for purchase. In the course of 2004 the 'Tejas' with 1066MHz FBS will be presented, based on the new 'Tumwater' chipset.

AMD: As an answer to Intel's 800MHz-P4, AMD apparently wants to equip the new AthlonXP core 'Barton' with 200MHz FSB (400MHz DDR). Reference is made to the chipsets nForce2 from nVidia and KT400A from VIA, which have the ability to provide the necessary FSB for the processor. Mainboards with nFocre2 have already been available in stores for a short time, the VIA KT400A, if it bears this name, should come onto the market at the beginning of 2003.

This information has not yet been officially confirmed by AMD, However, information about this should have leaked from Taiwan that allow this assumption.

Addendum: Regarding the new Prescott, there are different information on the different hardware pages regarding the L2 cache. XBit-Labs write of 2MByte, whereas Anandtech only speaks of 1MByte. We think 1MB is more plausible and have changed the news accordingly. However, there is the option of Intel the Prescott in 2 differentWill deliver variants. Since we unfortunately cannot be on site, we have to rely on reports from others.