New Pentium 4 chipsets from ALi, SiS and VIA in time?

New Pentium 4 chipsets from ALi, SiS and VIA in time?

While Intel is right on schedule, especially with the i865, more precisely with its three representatives, the i865G, i865P and i865PE, the competitors ALi, SIS and VIA have to work a little more in order to be able to place corresponding competing products on the market in good time. Dual Channel DDR400

Of all three, VIA still has the best, despite the still questionable Pentium 4 bus license . Mass production of the PT400 will start at the end of March 2003. VIA has not only adjusted to Intel's changed product roadmap but also used this as an opportunity to rename its own future products for the Pentium 4 from 'P4X' to 'PT'. However, the PT400 will only be a single channel DDR400 (3.2 GB/s memory throughput) solution, which in terms of raw performance cannot keep up with dual channel DDR400 (6.4 GB/s). For the further developments PT600 with dual channel memory interface and the PT800 with DDR II support, however, no dates are known yet.

VIA's future Pentium 4 chipsets
Name Support Production PT400 800MHz FSBSingle -Channel Samples: End of January 2003 Production: End of March 2003 PT600 800MHz FSB Dual-Channel Samples: UnknownProduction: Unknown PT800 800MHz FSBDDR II Samples: UnknownProduction: Unknown

Also SiS will probably be on time with the SiS648FX to be able to send a suitable chipset into mass production at the start of the new Pentium 4 processors in April, which unfortunately, like the PT400, will only come with a single channel memory interface. The level of development of the SiS655FX, which offers dual channel DDR400, is completely unknown. With ALi, on the other hand, it looks like you're entering the race with a dual channel chipset, but only thatis driven by overclocking on a front-side bus of 800 MHz. Mass production will not start until the second quarter. Perhaps too late to be able to see the corresponding motherboards on the shelves of the dealers for the presentation of the new Pentium 4

Future Pentium 4 chipsets from ALi and SiS
Name support production SiS648FX 800MHz FSB single-channel samples: February 2003 Production: March/April 2003 SiS655FX 800MHz FSBDual-channel samples: Unknown Production: Unknown ALi M1681 800MHz FSB single-channel samples: 1st quarter 2003 Production: 2nd quarter 2003