New PC from Aldi

New PC from Aldi

From November you will again find a complete PC in Germany's Aldi markets between bread and cheese. Definitive specifications have not yet been announced, but it can be assumed that the choice will fall on an Intel Pentium III with 900 MHz.

Furthermore, the system will have 128MB RAM, a 40GB hard drive from the brand Seagate, a 16x DVD drive, an 8x CD-RW writer from Hewlett Packard and a V.90 modem from Creatix. Furthermore, the system will most likely offer an on-board graphics and an on-board sound solution. This on-board graphics card will be a GeForce 2 with 32MB memory, but whether SDRAM or DDR-SDRAM will be used is unclear.

The price of the Windows Me, System equipped with Microsoft Office 2000SBE and Works 2000 is said to be 2,499DM, but whether a monitor will also be included in this case has not yet been stated.