New patch for settlers 4

New patch for settlers 4

BlueByte today released a new patch for the Wuselspiel Siedler 4, which increases the version number of the game to 1.08.872.

The patch offers the following new features:

The exchange of goods is now possible with the new trading function. Subtleties z. B. in ingame chat as well as loading and saving optimize the performance of games via LAN and in the BBGC. But the single player has also been thought of: Cards that were previously only available in multiplayer mode can now also be played by single players. General changes are, for example, the improved minimap in the user interface and new mouse cursor as well as the optimization of the balancing.

Overall, BlueByte has improved a lot. In the worst case, the download of the update has a size of 5.7MB and is possible here . Furthermore, you can now also see new maps ready for download .