New part of the program at R @ dioMP3

New part of the program at R @ dioMP3

RadioMP3 has already become a cult. Although the songs often repeat themselves when listening for a long time, the player is a nice companion while working on the computer or surfing the Internet. Of course, one shouldn't neglect the aspect of storing the tracks played.

The people from Musicplay have each other but now come up with something new in order to make the 'boring' program a little more exciting, as already mentioned. The so-called MegaCD. The program runs from Monday to Friday at 4 p.m. In this an entire CD by a certain artist is played from the first to the last track. That's something for people who never have money for CDs anyway. * g * But that's not enough. Musicplay is already announcing programs on certain types of music. On the website there is talk of club and rock shows. Let's see what else we can expect!

And for everyone who doesn't have RadioMP3 yet, it means: SUFFER! ... and continue to spend money on music!