New official SoundBlaster Live drivers

New official SoundBlaster Live drivers

One driver for all sound cards, that was the great idea of ​​CreativeLabs, which is now being put into practice with a DriverPack. There is now an update package for the SB Live series, which is intended to upgrade the existing driver and applications to the new driver generation. An Audigy update will follow later.

However, one can argue about the realization of this universal driver. The complete driver package with all the necessary applications should fill half a CD. A download of this package should also be available later this year. For now, however, you have to be content with the not exactly small updates. The drivers are suitable for Windows XP and Windows 2000, Window 9x/Me is no longer supported.

The following software titles are included in the update for the SoundBlaster Live series:

  • Audio HQ
  • Surround Mixer
  • PlayCenter 3 (version 3.02.52)
  • Recorder (version 2.00.31)
  • MiniDisc Center ( version 1.01.15)
  • Remote Center (version 1.40.26)

The last-mentioned applications can only be installed if an older liveware version is available on the computer. If necessary, you should bite the bullet and install any old version and then quickly switch to the latest version with all applications. The download is available as a complete package with 50MB or in the form of 5 individual packages (driver, Playcenter, recorder, MiniDisc, remote). The individual files are available for download from Creative Labs . You can find the complete package in our download archive.