New nForce drivers for Linux

New nForce drivers for Linux

For all users of mainboards based on nVidia's nForce or nForce2 chipset, nVidia has released new Linux drivers. Above all, nForce2 users should benefit from this, as they can now use all the features of the new chipset under Linux.

The following is a list of the innovations in the driver package for Linux:

[b] Version: 1.0-0248

Release Date: November 26, 2002 [/b]

  • Added PCI ID support for nForce2 MCP2-T and MCP2-A to the i810_audio driver .
  • Cleanup of spec file and Makefiles
  • SRPMs and tar files now use local system's i810_audio.c file, and complain if not there (this makes them more distribution independent)
  • Changed code to compile properly with gcc3.X and gcc2.X
  • Added support for Mandrake9.0 and Redhat8.0
  • nForce2 support for network driver