New Nero version available

New Nero version available

After a long time a new version of the popular CD burning program Nero has been released. The version number has increased to The exact changes are not yet known.

But one can assume that many new burners have been added and are now supported by Nero. As soon as the new version history is available, we will of course inform you about it immediately. If you want to check it yourself, you can check here when the version history has been updated.


So, now is the version history well there. Here is the exact list:

Bug fixes:

  • Folders that are per ' Copy '->' Paste 'into an ISO compilation were empty
  • When creating DVD-Video compilations with the Nero Wizard, instead of ISO/UDF, ISO file systems were generated. This meant that DVD-Videos could not be played on stand-alone DVD players.
  • Problems with some burners with the audio session of a CD Extra
  • Adjustments in the delete dialog from CD-RW/DVD + RW/DVD-RW
  • Improvements when completely erasing DVD-RWs


  • Nero Express has been added
  • several new recorders added
  • Allows MRW media to be deleted before burning
  • Data can be dragged and dropped from a CD or DVD a compilation can be drawn
  • The size of the compilation and the capacity of the medium are displayed in the 'Overburning' warning dialog
  • Changing the medium type when burning '.iso' images is Now
allows changes from Nero to


  • Nero Burning ROM Download


    Nero Burning ROM is a comprehensive burning program, but technically not up to date.

    • Version 2020 v22.0.00700 German