New motherboards from Abit

New motherboards from Abit

With the Abit IT7 for the Pentium 4 and the Abit AT7 for the AMD Athlon/Duron, Abit offers two mainboards that do not require the usual PS/2, parallel and serial interfaces. Instead, six USB, two FireWire, two optical and six normal audio connections as well as a 10/100 MBit LAN connection are offered.

There is also a 5.25 inch slot with slots for SmartMedia and CompactFlash - and Sony's MemoryStick memory cards available. An interesting feature is the 4-channel IDE RAID controller chip from Highpoint, the HPT374. With the HPT374 and the normal IDE controller, twelve IDE devices can be connected. An i845E chipset does its job on the Pentium 4 board Abit IT7, while a VIA KT333 chipset is used on the Athlon board.

Abit IT7