New motherboards from Abit

New motherboards from Abit

Like so many other motherboard manufacturers, Abit has many new products planned for 2001. In the near future three new Socket 370 motherboards for Intel processors will be released.

The SA6PR is like all of the newcomers ATX board. It is based on Intel's new i815EP chipset, which differs from the i815E in the lack of an onboard graphics unit. Except for this point, the board is also identical to the SA6R that is already available. It has one AGP 4x, six PCI and one CNR slot. The memory expansion is limited to a maximum of 512MB, which can be accommodated on four DIMM slots for PC100 or PC133. It also has four USB ports and an onboard ATA/100 RAID controller. The also new SA6R-1394 is based on Intel's i815E and is therefore identical to the SA6R. Abit has added two Firewire ports (IEEE-1394) to the motherboard. The new SV6 is also an ATX for Intel's Socket370. The features of this board are identical to those of the SA6R-1394 and add 6-channel sound to it.

Unfortunately, Abit has not given an official release date or recommended retail price for any of the above boards.