New mobile processors from Intel

New mobile processors from Intel

The processor giant Intel presented five new processors for the mobile market yesterday. In addition to a new, 800MHz fast Mobile Celeron, which should consume less than three watts in operation, four new, particularly energy-saving processors have also been introduced. On the one hand, there is the new ultra-low-voltage version (ULV) of the Pentium III with a maximum clock frequency of 600MHz.

This is operated in power-saving mode with a voltage of 0.975 volts and should not consume more than half a watt on average when working. This is achieved through the SpeedStep technology from Intel, which, among other things, lowers the processor clock in energy-saving mode. With the ultra-low-voltage version Pentium III with 600MHz this is exactly half the processor clock. In addition, Intel now also has a low-voltage variant (LV) of the Mobile Pentium III with 750MHz in its range. This works in power saving mode at 500MHz and in this case is supplied with 1.1 volts, whereby its power consumption should still be less than one watt. This means that it is on par with the new Ultra Low Voltage Mobile Celeron 600MHz, which requires the same operating voltage. Its big brother, the Low Voltage Mobile Intel Celeron 600MHz, on the other hand, requires twice as much energy on average at a voltage of 1.35 volts.

Prices for the purchase of 1000 pieces
Processor model Clock frequency Consumption Voltage Price Ultra Low Voltage Pentium III *** 600/300 MHz