New Mac from Apple

New Mac from Apple

When introducing the new iMac, Steve Jobs, Apple boss, said that CRTs are dead and will not be built into Macs in the future. The new iMacs have replaced the last CRT computers from Apple with the flat screens.

The new eMac is very reminiscent to the old iMac, and therefore strangely has a CRT monitor again. The letter e now stands for 'education'. This actually says for what purposes it is used. He is supposed to help Apple regain more market share in schools. It has a G4 processor from Motorola clocked at 700 MHz, and thus offers sufficient performance for most applications. It can optionally be equipped with a CD-ROM or with a combo drive (DVD/CD-RW). The completely flat 17 'screen can display resolutions of up to 1280 * 960. The eMac has 128 or 512 Mbyte SD-RAM memory as standard. As with the new iMacs, a GeForce 2 MX with 32 Mbyte DDR-RAM is installed as the graphics chip As with all Macs, the eMac offers connections for Firewire and USB devices. Two operating systems are included: Mac OS 9.2 and the new OS X. This is to ensure that practically all software can be used. The school Macs are a lot cheaper than the new iMacs with TFT. The cheapest model without modem with CD-ROM costs 1049 US dollars. The same computer with combo drive and with modem costs 1249 US dollars. The best model, with 512 Mbytes of RAM and combo drive , costs 1516 US dollars. The most expensive eMac also has a nice stand for the computer.

The new eMac