New law against 0190 dialers

New law against 0190 dialers

The Federal Cabinet approved an amendment to the Telecommunications Customer Protection Ordinance (TKV) this Wednesday. The sense and purpose should be to better protect consumers from being driven by providers with 0190 dialers. Now the approval of the Federal Council with regard to this ordinance is missing.

Economics Minister Werner Müller announced that the planned Changes would benefit not only consumers but also reliable providers from the 0190 business. Now providers who assign 0190 numbers to end users must expressly indicate compliance with the law. In the event of non-compliance, the number must be withdrawn accordingly. Furthermore, customers of telephone companies now have the right to refuse payment in the event of unjustified claims on the part of the provider. In addition, the full address of the 0190 service provider must be noted on the phone bill.

In addition to the changes to the TKV, there are also changes to the injunction law. Citizens as well as companies who receive unsolicited goods or services are now entitled to information from the telecommunications, post or media service provider responsible. This makes it difficult for questionable companies to hide behind a simple post office box, internet address or fax number. Network operators are now still obliged to exclude third-party service providers who again violate applicable law with advertising from all further offers.