New Kazaa Lite version

New Kazaa Lite version

Raider is now called Twix. This is exactly what happened to the popular file sharing tool Kazaa Lite, because Kazaa Lite is now called [K ++ v2.0 Edition]. After the Lite Version Cracked 1.3 and the English Lite Version 2.02 were released last week, the German Version 2.02 has recently been in circulation.

This can be downloaded from the Fastrack network. For this you have to have installed a Kazaa/Grogster version including the Sig3Dat tool. If this is the case, you can download the program here (no longer available).

Alternatively, we have also made a mirror available.

Here are the new functions in the Overview:

  • Customized homepage
  • Unlimited number of 'Search More' calls
  • Multi-source download from 40 sources (instead of 8)
  • Find more sources 'is possible every four minutes (instead of 10)
  • The participation level has been constantly set to 1000
  • No more dll files are created loaded
  • No Altnet search results are displayed (golden symbols)
  • Kazaa's error 1030 has been fixed
  • Including the new version of Dat View (version 1.1)

Many thanks to Masta2002 for the hint.