New iPod shuffle with display soon?

New iPod shuffle with display soon?

Apple's current iPod shuffle cannot prevail in terms of sales despite the new color scheme against the in-house competition in the form of the iPod models nano, touch and classic. David Sieger, operator of the Eye On Apple site, would like to hear news about Apple's entry-level iPod from an insider.

The iPod shuffle in its current form will soon be replaced by a new model that has similar dimensions, but no longer has to do without a display. The capacities of this MP3 player should be one and two gigabytes, so that a new differentiation is made here as well. The aluminum housing will be retained, but should come closer to the design of the new iPod models . According to Sieger, the screen, which many potential buyers miss, is a two-tone OLED display . The price can only be speculated about so far, but it could be below the price of the current model, which costs 79 euros.

The insider is also said to have speculated about a release date and named it first quarter of 2008 in order to be able to dampen the slack after the Christmas season. This time window would correspond to the previous lifespan of the iPod shuffle models, which is currently 16 to 20 months. In an in-house design, a graphic was then developed of how Apple's new iPod shuffle could look based on the details that have become known so far.

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