New ILOVEYOU virus in circulation

New ILOVEYOU virus in circulation

A new and even more dangerous email virus is now in circulation. As with the email viruses that have recently appeared, it is an ILoveYou virus derivative, which the programmer has certainly made every effort this time.

This new virus called VBS_NEWLOVE.A is a lot more difficult to use recognize as its predecessor, since the virus code itself and the subject line change each time it is infected. This constant morphing makes it extremely difficult for anti-virus programs to find out about this Visual Basic Script Virus, which is why updates for anti-virus programs are still missing.

Because the virus deletes the entire hard disk or all data to size 0 opening the attachment is extremely dangerous. According to the antivirus manufacturer, an infected mail has the following characteristics:

  • Subject: FW: (file name without the extension .vbs)
  • An empty main text (body)
  • Attachment: (Filename) (Filetype)