New IDE patch from VIA

New IDE patch from VIA

VIA today published a new version of the IDE RAID patch, which is intended to significantly increase the maximum achievable burst rate when using IDE RAID controllers on motherboards with VIA chipsets, this time version 1.05.

Not much information is available, here is the English version:

This patch, for all Microsoft Operating Systems, will increase the burst rate with the following RAID controller chips: Adaptec, Acard, Highpoint and Promise. This may not be noticeable in overall Hard Disk performance benchmarks as burst rate is not measured separately and only makes up a small percentage of Hard Disk performance. This patch can be used on all VIA chipsets. The driver in this zip file is the viapfd.sys version 1.05. This file was last updated on 7 February 2002. The change from the previous version is that it fixes an error message that would sometimes appear in the event viewer.

Accordingly, the patch should work with all VIA chipsets and with the following RAID chips: Adaptec, Acard, Highpoint and Promise. The patch can be downloaded from us.