New handhelds

New handhelds

Agenda Computing GmbH from Berlin is presenting a handheld PC at Linux World (October 5 - 7, 2000) in Frankfurt, the operating system of which (Linux VRTM) is compatible with both Linux and Windows applications. The Agenda VR3 + has an LC display with a resolution of 160x240 pixels with 16 gray levels.

The user can write anywhere on the display thanks to powerful handwriting recognition. Furthermore, the VR3 + has a 32-bit MIPS processor that operates at 66 MHz, with which multitasking can be carried out. Multitasking allows you to send/receive emails at the same time, for example, while using other programs. With an optionally available modem, you can set up Internet connections or send faxes from a normal telephone connection.

With the QuickSync docking station and Linux as the operating system, data synchronization between Linux and Windows PCs is quick and easy. The infrared interface enables information, such as digital business cards, to be exchanged between the VR3 + or compatible devices such as Palm and other handhelds.

The Agenda VR will be available in 3 different versions, which are mainly characterized by differ in the amount of memory:

  • The VR3 +, which should be available in December, has 8 Mbytes of RAM and 4 Mbytes of Flash RAM and will be available for about 500 DM.
  • The VR3 has 8 Mbytes of RAM and 2 Mbytes of Flash RAM and should be available from spring 2001 for a price of approx. 400 DM.
  • The VR5 comes with additional Flash RAM, Metal housing and lithium-ion batteries delivered. The price will be around 600 DM.

All three handhelds are supplied with a comprehensive software package.