New graphics marvel from Matrox?

New graphics marvel from Matrox?

The facts about the new graphics chip from Matrox are growing. The new GPU will not have the name G800, as is sometimes claimed, but will be called Parhelia.

Improved Transform & Lightning together with a more efficient memory architecture than with current graphics cards, should help the Parhelia to a higher performance than the nVidia GeForce Ti 4600. In addition, a new process called 'displacement mapping' is to be integrated into the chip. Displacement mapping is a further development of bump mapping and should be able to generate even more realistic surface effects. This completely newly developed chip architecture is to come onto the market in different versions, from the entry-level version with 32MB memory to the high-performance solution for the professional sector with 256MB memory. The new graphics processor will be clocked at 300MHz.

According to Matrox users there will be a first public press release on Parhelia in May of this year. The first pre-series cards should already be available in summer.

As was to be expected, the 256MB version of the graphics card should be well above the current price for the most expensive GeForce card.