New graphics benchmarks

New graphics benchmarks

No longer brand new, but still interesting for many, there are now new benchmarks from Novalogic and Nvidia. Nvidia is a version of the Chameleon demo that has now been upgraded with a benchmark function.

Novalogic has chosen the Comanche 4 demo, which is based on DirectX 8.1, as a benchmark. The demo shows all effects only with a corresponding graphics card, such as ATi Radeon or Nvidia GeForce 3 or 4 Ti.

The same applies to the Nvidia benchmark, which shows the different surfaces of the chameleon real, chrome and glass.

The benchmarks are available for download from the manufacturers, here are the links:

However, the benchmarks are not exactly small, Novalogic has a good 58 MB and Nvidia with almost 50 MB.