New Elsa graphics cards Gladiac 9500 and 9500 Pro

New Elsa graphics cards Gladiac 9500 and 9500 Pro

The Aachen-based company Elsa, formerly known for its nVidia-based graphics cards, has now expanded its product portfolio to include two more products with ATis Radeon 9500 and Radeon 9500 Pro Chip after switching to ATi.

The cards are manufactured entirely according to ATi's reference design and therefore only differ in the scope of delivery from the chip manufacturer's pixel accelerators. Elsa tries to use a special software and game bundles to attract attention. The Gladiac 9500 is delivered with the games Sacrifice and ProRally as well as the software WinDVD. The big brother, the Gladiac 9500 Pro with 128 MB graphics memory (Gladiac 9500 only has 64 MB), even has five games hidden in the packaging, including Battlefield 1942.

The Elsa Gladiac 9500 is now available available from Vobis for 199 euros. The Gladiac 9500 Pro will hit the market in January 2003 at the recommended retail price of 249 euros. We have a first test of the ATi Radeon 9500 .

ELSA Gladiac_9500
ELSA Gladiac 9500 Pro