New drivers from Logitech

New drivers from Logitech

There are new German drivers for the current Logitech mice and keyboards. Almost all models of the mice are supported, but the support of the serial interface has been stopped in Windows XP.

Logitech recommends using the PS/2 port for models with serial and PS/2 ports to avoid problems. With the keyboards, all models are supported with additional keys, as this short list shows:

Internet Navigator ™ Keyboard

Cordless Freedom ™ iTouch ™

Cordless Freedom ™ Optical

Cordless Desktop ™ Optical

Cordless Desktop ™ Pro

Cordless Freedom ™ Pro

Cordless Desktop ™ iTouch ™

Cordless Freedom ™ Navigator ™

Cordless iTouch ™ Keyboard

Cordless Freedom ™

iTouch ™ Keyboard

Internet Keyboard ( Y-SE8)

Deluxe Access ™ 104 The drivers can be downloaded from Logitech or from our server.