New client for the FastTrack network: KaZaA Lite

New client for the FastTrack network: KaZaA Lite

A group of developers has set out to free the well-known KaZaA client from all unnecessary ballast such as advertising popups, Bonzai Buddy and spyware. The result is KaZaA Lite. Other clients that access the FastTrack network must not be installed on the computer, as otherwise the software settings influence each other.

Another advantage of the new version is the removal of the bit rate restriction for MP3s. Up to now it was possible to exchange MP3s with a maximum of 128KBit/s over the FastTrack network.

While the spyware Cydoor is integrated in the big KaZaA brother, which can be recognized by the file 'CD_Client.dll', in the stripped-down KaZaA version only installed a dummy version so that KaZaA Lite works. To make absolutely sure that there is no spy software on the computer, the use of Ad-Aware is recommended.

The new 1MB KaZaA client can be found in version 1.5 here .

There are more helpful tips and tricks on the website. Among other things, instructions on how to effectively prevent advertising popups and popunders.