New chipsets from SiS

New chipsets from SiS

Yesterday, Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) presented two new chipsets. The SiS635 supports INTEL CPUs such as the P3, Celeron and the upcoming Tualatin and is planned for February 2001. The SiS735, however, is suitable for AMD processors, which should go into mass production in March 2001.

Otherwise there are Both chipsets have the same features: up to three DIMM sockets for PC266 and PC200 DDR SDRAM as well as PC133 SDRAM, AGP 4x with Fast Write, Dual Channel IDE ATA100/66/33 and 'Multi-threaded I/O Link' Connection of north and south bridge and PCI devices with 1.2 GB/s bandwidth.

Furthermore, SiS announced that another new chipset will go into production this month. The SiS315 gets a geometry acceleration implemented, this supports Hardware Transformation & Lighting. Plus up to 128 MB graphics memory, AGP 4x. The chip also has a motion compensation engine that relieves the CPU when playing DVD films. This chipset is intended for the desktop PC market