New chipset from VIA

New chipset from VIA

The chipset manufacturer VIA presented the KT133A chipset yesterday. This supports the new AMD processors, which are operated with a front side bus of 266MHz.

The new chipset makes a difference differs from its predecessor, the KT133. It offers AGP 4x, 4 USB ports and, depending on which Southbridge is used, Ultra-ATA/100 or Ultra-ATA/66. When it comes to memory, however, conventional SDRAM according to the PC100 or PC133 standard is still used. In addition, the KT133A PowerNow! Supports a technology for reducing the processor clock during operation, which is intended to save power in notebooks. Since the chipset design is very similar to that of the previous chip, it is easy for motherboard manufacturers to convert their boards to the new chipset, so that motherboards with the KT133A will probably appear in the next few weeks.

However, one should Don't forget that the first chipsets with double date rate SDRAM support are already on the market (VIA KT266, AMD-760, Ali MAGiK 1) which can also deliver an FSB of 266MHz for the new Athlons and also rely on faster RAM technology .