New CD writing technology

New CD writing technology

Phillips has developed a new technology to fill rewritable blank CDs with data. The thermal balanced writing technology (TBW) improves the dynamic control of the laser writing current.

As out Phillips management has learned, this technique was developed to deal with the problems with cheap CD-RWs. Burning at a higher speed increases the error rate that can make a CD unusable. This new technology uses a self-learning mode to determine the optimal settings for controlling the laser unit in order to then burn at the highest possible speed. Since these settings run completely in the background, this ensures that you always burn at the optimum speed with the greatest possible security. All Philips PCRW 804K 8x CD-RW drives manufactured from December 2000 onwards are equipped with this technology. It goes without saying that the new Philips 12x CD-RW drive will also be equipped with it.

First tests will have to prove whether this is a real competitor to 'Burn Proof Technology'. Because the dreaded 'buffer underrun' are not avoided.