New burners from Hewlett-Packard

New burners from Hewlett-Packard

Yesterday Hewlett-Packard announced a new high-speed burner family with up to 12x writing and 8x rewriting speeds. Furthermore, a 4x4x6 burner is now available, which is connected to the USB port of the computer.

All burners are equipped with easy-to-use software that can also be used for music editing. The new burners should be available from September 1st in the USA and shortly afterwards also in Europe.

Device Speed ​​connection Price 8230e/8220e 4x4x6 external USB $ 249 9150i/9140i 8x4x32 internal IDE $ 199 9350i/9340i 10x4x32 internal IDE $ 249 9510i/9500i 12x8x32 internal IDE $ 299 9600si 12x8x32 internal SCSI $ 349 9600se 12x8x32 external SCSI $ 399