New BIOS for EPoX 8K9A = Athlon unlocked

New BIOS for EPoX 8K9A = Athlon unlocked

'The Inquirer' today released information about a new BIOS for the EPoX EP-8K9A motherboard. With the BIOS, which is still in the beta phase, it should be possible to change the multiplier without modifying the processor.

According to 'The Inquirer', the BIOS unlock feature works with all Thoroughbred Processors, i.e. the AthlonXP from 2200+ upwards, also the new Thoroughbred 'B' processors with 333MHz FrontsideBus (2700+ and 2800+) should benefit from the feature.

The BIOS should be in if available Appear in the download area of EPoX. At the moment, however, the last final bios from October 25, 2002 can still be found there. Should we be able to find a link to the beta bios, we will of course not withhold it from you.


As promised, here is the download at Driverheaven .