New beta drivers from Nvidia

New beta drivers from Nvidia

The development of the detonators from Nvidia does not stand still, so there are two unofficial beta drivers for Windows 2K/XP again. However, one of the drivers is a 1x.xx version that does not support Geforce 4 cards.

The 28.35 is the latest Detonator driver, which has been changed by our source so that it now offers multilanguage support and the refresh rate fix works again and the driver can be used with all Geforce cards. The date of the drivers is March 11, 2002.

The Detonator 17.90 dates from March 13, 2002, making it 'newer' than the 28.35 above. However, only the English version is available here and Geforce 4 cards are not supported.

As usual, you can download the drivers from us.

Last but not least, Creative for all Creative graphics cards now for Windows 2K/XP the current official detonators in version 28.32, the download is here .


In the meantime the Detonator 28.80 has already appeared, but no further dates are known here.